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Bob, John, George, KT, Elizabeth and Claudia

So many blends to choose from

For your next cup of cabaret Espresso, call us!

The secret behind this brew is a selection of Chicago's favorite cabaret singers and the joining together of their vast repertoires. With years of stagecraft and a sure way with an audience, Espresso is charming, disarming, witty, cosmopolitan and just-plain-down-to-earth.

Get ready to enchant your audience with the best of the American and European songbooks. Traveling usually as a foursome, the debonair singer/pianist Bob Moreen and coquette Claudia Hommel are joined by the chaplinesque John Eskola, sultry singer/pianist Elizabeth Doyle, or for extra spice, the urbane KT McCammond and the huggable George Howe.

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Love, Fables and Foibles
From the love race to the race track, this show features luscious four-part harmonies, sidekick duos, un peu d'amour from the Paris cabaret, American showtune classics and more. A show easy to fall in love with.

Espresso—The Holiday Brew
From Java Jive to The Twelve Days AFTER Christmas, this is the season's greetings for friends and good company.

Postcards from a Trip Abroad
A whirlwind worldwide voyage of songs touches down in six continents, at least 42 sites, and 7 or 8 languages. It's as if Edith Piaf, Eartha Kitt, Dean Martin, and Noel Coward were sharing a compartment on the Oriental Express. When we sing in French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese (and English!), no Berlitz phrase books are necessary. With projected images of our postcards to accompany songs of wanderlust, dreams and coffee. (June, 2013: Des Plaines Public Library)

Your House Blend
Give us a theme and we'll customize the most delicious blend for your audience.

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