Ohio Arts Presenters 10-minute showcase

While standing by the espresso machine

Visit our MySpace page for audio excerpts of our concert at the historic Ironwood, Michigan Theatre.

Another video medley: excerpts from Love, Fables and Foibles at the Center Foundation, Palos Park, Illinois
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In 1998, Elizabeth, Bob, John and Claudia were founding members of Chicago Cabaret Professionals, advocating the art form of cabaret. KT joined us a few years later and served a term on the CCP Board as Membership Governor. CCP is over 250 members strong and growing.

Claudia's solo work is very French. Let her transport you to Paris, literally and figuratively. Cabaret-Paree is her website and Maison Clobert is the publishing and concert production house.

Elizabeth's treasure trove of musical skills and cultural offerings can be found at

Claudia and Elizabeth are on the roster of the Illinois Arts Council's ArtsTour roster. Non-profit organizations and schools in Illinois can request fee support when engaging ArtsTour artists.
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Claudia Hommel at Maison Clobert:

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